Monday, 23 May 2016

Gaming Weekend

Gravesend Wargamers Club

War & Conquest Gaming Weekend

What a great time was had by all! Here are some of the pictures of armies and Saturday's games... forgot to take gaming pictures on Sunday, although no doubt George will have loads up as he remembered his camera on Sunday!
Gary's Republican Romans - they looked brilliant as an army, and Gary was voted as having the best painted army of the weekend. See a later post for a closer view.
 This is Gary's Romans v Jenny's Celts.
 Andy wielded the German Barbarians
 against Tom's Dacians
These are Mike's Dacians, who did really well considering Mike had never played War and Conquest before this weekend... he said he'd come back :-) In this game Mike played Adam with his EIR.
 Phil's Heptarchy Saxons went up against Stuart's Western Franks
Dave's Romano British
 tackled George's Romano British
 This is Stuart's Franks in action
 Germans and Dacians
 A better view of Stuart's Franks
 The other end of his line
 Game 2 for George and his EIR
 Him and Tom taking their time, George was very apprehensive at this point, Tom looked to be on top
 Look at the concentration!
 Unlucky for Tom, George pulled a draw from the magic hat and we were then subjected to the George jig (must be a Scottish thing)!
 With that being the final game of Saturday, Dave and Adam were comfortably at the top of the table, with George and Mike being close behind. Off to the bar for a well deserved pint or two and the swapping of tales.