Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Cast

Great bunch of people to socialise and game against! Can't wait until November...


Day 17... or is that just Post 17?

Final set of pictures of day 2

End of day 1

Chewing the fat while waiting for the final game to finish

 Most of us retired to the Premier Inn for warmth, food, beer and a comfy bed... Adam and Tom found no room at the Inn and bravely opted for camping!

Looks, erm, delightful! Just loved my bed though!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Game 2 more photos

Enough blurb! Just enjoy the pictures.

Game 2 Saturday afternoon

Vikings v Western Franks

 Saxons v Romano British

 Republican Romans
 v Dacians
 Just before battle two commenced.

More pictures 2

Jen hysterical - what am I expected to do with these Romans?

 Tom wondering what the brown object in the corner adds to Andy's attack.
 These are the overall victorious Romans led by Adam against Mike's Dacians

 Andy wondering about the mug too?
 Romans v Celts
 Deserted, the supreme commanders had had enough.