Thursday, 10 March 2016

Gravesend Wargamers Club

War & Conquest National Tournament

Saturday and Sunday 21st – 22nd May 2016


Coddington Village Hall

Main Street


Notts NG24 2PN

The themes of the weekend are the armies of the Dark Ages in the West, The Armies and Enemies of Rome and the World of the Greeks 
  • 2500 point armies from any Dark Age army that fought in Western Europe
  • 2500 point armies from any of the Republican, Caesarian or Early Imperial Roman armies or any of their enemies.
  • 2500 point armies from the Greek City States, Spartans, Armies of Philip and Alexander or any of their enemies.
As long as 6 people want to play a particular campaign, we can run it. If you’ve got an idea for a different period, please let us know.

If you fancy a weekend of gaming and good company, please get in contact with us via email at or telephone 07794908204.

Lunch is provided on both days.

The cost is £25 for the 2 days, payable in advance via paypal to 

We look forward to seeing you and enjoying a few games of War & Conquest together.