Monday, 1 August 2016

Age of Warlords II - Peterborough - September 25th


Peterborough - September 25th 2016

Welcome to our 2nd War & Conquest gaming event at Peterborough - The day starts at 9.00 with first game commencing at 9.30(ish). If you can try and be on time, or even a touch earlier, that will help keep things moving along nicely.

Our thanks to the Peterborough Club and in particular Andy Hawes for hosting, organising and writing the Age of Warlord lists that we are using (these are on the Scarab Forum).

Club location -
St John's Ambulance 
38a Cowgate 
PE1 1NA 

Venue is centrally located with its own car parking space and plenty of local food outlets
Cost of day - £10 - There will be a few small prizes and tokens of victory - kindly provided by Scarab Miniatures and ANOTHERS.

New players are more than welcome to join us and copies of the War & Conquest rules will be available to purchase on the day - just get in touch

Army and General Event Details
Our principal period is the 'Age of Warlords', set in Dark Age Romano Britain and its surrounding countries. The other is Classical, subject to enough numbers (at the time of writing, everyone is 'dark age' but several players do have alternative forces if needed). We will play three games. The schedule of games will be made in advance and Rob will bring a copy at the weekend.

You need a painted 28 or 20mm army of 2000 points or less. As Legends of War options are normally an additional points value, for this event you may include up to 300 points worth as part of the army total.
Please bring dice, ruler, Rally Point and roster/army list. Use the Age of Warlord army lists from the Scarab Forum on the website. Any questions please drop Rob an email or call.

Terrain will be preset to each table and players should agree before the game begins if terrain is Difficult or Uneven. Refer to page 56 onward for further guidance. Some of the tables may be themed - with predominately woods, hills, rocks, a mixture of all three or for the horse archers and cavalry based armies - plenty of open space! So be prepared.
Don't forget a Rally Point!

Game Details

Select Battle Objectives from the rulebook (or download the cards from the Scarab Forum) and use the following deployment zones, (starting page 155) deploying for war and game lengths (pages 158 & 159) for each round.

Round One - Autumn - Fixed Length - Deploy Unit By Unit
Round Two - Spring - Variable Length - Deploy By Formation Type
Round Three - Winter - Player Calls Time - One Side Deploys First

(Remember for Winter deployment Zones - each player will roll to see which 4ft section you deploy into so it can create some interesting challenges depending on the terrain!).
Length of game can also end if time is called by organisers.

Scoring Battle Points

War & Conquest is all about completing your Battle Objective and the following Battle Point system will be used.

At the end of the game calculate 'Battle Points' as follows:

Achieved Battle Objective and other player did not - 15 Points
Both players achieve Battle Objective - 10 points each
Did not achieve Battle Objective - 5 Points
Killed or routed enemy Army General - 5 points

After each game please advise Rob of the results and Points scored - Rob will produce a score card to use for everybody.

The 'winner' of the event will be the player with the most Battle Points over the three games.
Please remember, there is no 'street credibility' in winning a game of toy soldiers, so play the game in the spirit in which your army would do battle and enjoy yourselves!

Thank you for attending and have a great days gaming! We look forward to meeting you.
Any questions please get in touch and check the Scarab Forum for any final updates
Rob Broom - 07852561456

Monday, 13 June 2016

November Gaming Weekend

Gravesend Wargamers Club
War & Conquest wargaming weekend

Saturday and Sunday 12th – 13th November 2016

Coddington Village Hall

Main Street


Notts NG24 2PN

The themes of the weekend are the armies of the Dark Ages in the West, The Age of Warlords, The Armies and Enemies of Rome and the World of the Greeks

* 2500 point armies from any Dark Age army that fought in Western Europe
* 2500 point armies from any Age of Warlords army
* 2500 point armies from any of the Republican, Caesarian or Early Imperial Roman armies or
* 2500 point armies from the Greek City States, Spartans, Armies of Philip and Alexander or any of their enemies

As long as 6 people want to play a particular campaign, we can run it. If you’ve got an idea for a different period, please let us know.

If you fancy a weekend of gaming and good company or just come along for the day, please get in contact with us via email at or telephone 07794908204.

Lunch is provided on both days.

The cost is £15 for the day or £25 for 2 days, payable in advance via paypal to

We look forward to seeing you and enjoying a few games of War & Conquest together.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Cast

Great bunch of people to socialise and game against! Can't wait until November...


Day 17... or is that just Post 17?

Final set of pictures of day 2

End of day 1

Chewing the fat while waiting for the final game to finish

 Most of us retired to the Premier Inn for warmth, food, beer and a comfy bed... Adam and Tom found no room at the Inn and bravely opted for camping!

Looks, erm, delightful! Just loved my bed though!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Game 2 more photos

Enough blurb! Just enjoy the pictures.

Game 2 Saturday afternoon

Vikings v Western Franks

 Saxons v Romano British

 Republican Romans
 v Dacians
 Just before battle two commenced.

More pictures 2

Jen hysterical - what am I expected to do with these Romans?

 Tom wondering what the brown object in the corner adds to Andy's attack.
 These are the overall victorious Romans led by Adam against Mike's Dacians

 Andy wondering about the mug too?
 Romans v Celts
 Deserted, the supreme commanders had had enough.