Monday, 23 May 2016

Day 2...

Day 2 and not a hangover in sight, a fairly rare occurrence.
Dave had left in a very strong position with Rob taking over from him today, however things did not go quite to plan, with Phil and then Stuart both beating him, I'm sure Dave will exact revenge at some point! I have no pictures of the games from today, very remiss, I apologise profusely!

I do have some of the Awards Ceremony though. These were characters painted by Phil as part of the prizes.
 George, as is now almost a tradition, won best Generalship. This was partly due to being a wargamer and forgetting his dice and tape, and partly just for being George! His opponents all had great games against him, even if at times they did need a translator...

 Next up was Gary, who despite losing all of his games was a fab opponent, he was voted as having the best painted army. Closer view of some of it below.

 Adam was the overall victor of the weekend with some very high scores. His EIR are a force to be reckoned with!

 Finally, Tom was given a prize as the only person under about 40 (that about right Gary?!?), he may be the youngest gamer but knows the rules better than most, as the rest of us play a random selection of whatever we remember - it's our age!

Finally a picture from Friday evening in the bar, while we were waiting for everone else to turn up.
More pictures as they come in and some to be found on George's blog, which is much more eloquent than mine!

The next enjoyable weekend of wargaming and socialising is November 12th and 13th, up near Newark, so add it onto the calendar!!